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Knowledge Center

"The Basic Economic Resource – The Means Of Production - Is No Longer Capital, Nor Natural Resources, Nor Labor. It Is And Will Be Knowledge." ~ Peter Drucker

This section has excel spread sheets needed for day to day business as well as analysis and decision making. Please feel free to review and use.

This sections contains videos related to management issues and innovation in management and leadership.

This section provides the recommended readings for Management and Leadership and links to important websites for information about Global Economy and Markets

Web sites of Interest

Books of Interest

  • How Countries Compete, Richard Vietor
  • Competetive Advantages of Nations, Michael Porter
  • Why Growth Matters, Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya
  • Deal making, Guhan Subramanian
  • Reorganize for Resilience, Ranjay Gulati
  • Uncommon Service, Francis Frei and Anne Morriss