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When technology has replaced almost everything on this planet, why resort to outdated techniques to run your business? We have mobile first CRM platform called Kapture, it provides a very effective and user friendly customer management software that helps in automating every tedious process involved in managing your business. The best part of this platform is that it can be moulded based on your requirements and given a shape that you want.

    • Below are the key features of the platform:

      Lead generation

      The lead generation software will help you manage and optimise your campaigns effortlessly by accessing all the leads generated using varied platforms under the same roof.

      Below are the key features of the platform:

      Lead allocation

      Once the leads are generated, they can be assigned to the concerned teams with time frames and specifications for regular follow-ups and thus fastening the sales cycle.

      Task management

      The platform comes with a work-flow management system where all your tasks can be classified and assigned statuses for better understanding and management.

      GPS tracking

      The sales tracking software will help you track the exact position of your team using GPS tracking to analyse and calculate their performance, conveyance allowances etc on a real time basis, that aids immensely on managing an effective sales tracking system.

      Global address book

      Classify your contacts based on their roles and get a reference of your earlier communication with them the moment you receive a call.

      Internal communication

      Comes with an inbuilt chat and mailing system to connect with your internal teams through the platform.

      Campaign Audits

      Click pictures with time-stamps to conduct an audit about your ongoing campaigns and ensure that there are no glitches.


      Cutting-edge daily, monthly and weekly reports to track both your online campaigns and the performance of your sales teams. The platform can also be designed to give you specific data and statistics based on the processes involved.

      Easy integration and customisation

      The platform is so flexible that it can be easily integrated with external systems and software from where data can be fetched. Also the platform can be modified based on your requirements to automate any kind of process for your organisation.

      Access hierarchy

      Different dashboards and views can be designed based on the hierarchy, roles and designations to improve privacy and security.

      Multi-platform compatibility

      Though it is a mobile-first platform, it can be easily used on desktops or any other platform or frameworks.

      Order taking and Inventory management

      The platform can also be used by tracking your orders and managing your inventory on a real-time basis.

      Finance and accounts

      Manage your company expenditures, payrolls, external payments and analyse your cash-flow using this system.