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Creative Asset Management: Adzuno

For any brand, its creative repository is the most valuable asset. Mismanaging this asset can lead to a lot of confusion and losses in the long run. We have an ingenious cloud based platform called Adzuno which will make life easy for you.

    • Below are the key features of Adzuo

      Organise your creatives

      The platform allows you to manage different versions of your creatives on the cloud with a frequently updated log about the user who uploaded or modified them.

      Below are the key features of the platform:

      Sharing options

      The platform provides many sharing options, cutting across various online and offline platforms with complete control.

      Social media integration

      You can also upload images through social media platforms like facebook, pinterest and twitter on-the-go, using this platform.

      Robust security

      The platform is secure and uses world-class systems with multi-level selective access control using Amazon EC2. The platform offers different views of the data based on the organisational hierarchy and roles.

      Customised search

      Tag your creatives and access them without clogging your inbox. Classify them based on the approvals of the concerned authorities.

      Data analytics and reporting

      Get an overview about the creative assets of your organisation. Formulate and revise your marketing strategies based on ROI based reports generated using the platform.

      Unlimited cloud storage

      The cloud based crm software helps to manage and optimize your data and create back-ups for all your creatives, on an unlimited cloud storage platform, irrespective of the size formats or source for the files.

      E-mail and SMS alerts

      Send and receive creative briefs; manage and assign tasks; monitor and control all your campaigns using automated SMS and e-mail alerts.